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Animal Starter Kit

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The Animal Starter Kit. This is where it all starts, your entry into the world of strength and power – the dedicated life of the Animal. In this kit you get it all, everything you need from a nutritional perspective to help optimize your rigorous training program. In each convenient, comprehensive box, you get the following:
  • Comprehensive and mandatory nutrients
  • Foundational joint support and health
  • Targeted products for both before and after training
  • Sturdy Animal Shaker to wash it all down
Animal Pak Powder Cherry Berry
  • Performance & Training Multi
  • Trial contains 7 servings
Animal Whey Vanilla
  • Isolate Loaded Protein
  • Trial contains 4 servings
Animal Fury Green Apple
  • Complete Pre-Workout Stack
  • Trial contains 5 servings
Animal Juiced Aminos Orange
  • Critical Anabolic EAA and BCAA
  • Trial contains 7 servings


Life is complicated enough. You’re busy. We get it. That’s why we hand-picked our best products and stacked them in a way that will deliver results, guaranteed. You get introductory sized bottles of Pak Powder, Fury, Whey and Flex Powder. In this box, we made sure you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’ve done all the homework for you. All you have to do is pick up one of these Animal Starter Kits, make plans to get to the gym, and be prepared to have the best workout of your life. Yeah, it’s that simple.