Test Explosion Pack Stack

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Most dudes want to get big and strong in the gym. They want the weight they usually lift to feel light and they want to pack on muscle tissue that people turn their heads at. If you’re that person, you need the Test Explosion stack. This is the gold standard of Animal firepower.

  • Animal Test (1 packet 30 min pre workout. Hypertrophy and max testosterone levels will be present in your life)
  • Animal Stak (1 Pack 30 minutes pre workout to amplify all hormones and put you into an anabolic state.)
  • Animal M-Stak (1 packet 30 minutes pre workout to enhance fullness due to enhance nutrient partitioning)

This is the strongest and most anabolic stack we offer. There are two testosterone boosters present in addition to growth hormones boosters. On top of that, there are key ingredients to induce hypertrophy such Arachadonic Acid. No other stack comes close to the size and strength potential.