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Immune Support Stack

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Our Immune Support Stack can promote a strong and healthy immune system and fortify from within. Loaded with key ingredients like astragalus, vitamin D and vitamin C, you may be better protected from viruses and bacteria. It also provides a hearty serving of greens that will help your body maintain a healthy state.

  • Animal Greens is a unique and optimally calibrated greens formula loaded into easy-to-take capsules and tablets. There is no harsh greens aftertaste in the pill-pack form.
  • Animal Immune Pak (pills or powder) is a complete immune support complex with 1000 mg of vitamin C, vitamin D, and key minerals and herbs


Animal Greens and Animal Immune Pak combines healthy greens and immune-boosting vitamins. This is meant to keep you in the game long-term. A healthy immune system means healthy gains. With Animal Greens you don’t have to worry about the harsh aftertaste that most greens products provide, as it comes in an easily consumable pill form. With Animal Immune Pak, you no longer have to search for each individual immune-boosting ingredient as we have done the work for you by putting it all together. We’ve included ingredients such as astragalus, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and more in Animal Immune Pak.

How to Use

Immune Pak – 1 packet any time during the day. It has everything you need to keep your immune health primed and ready to go.

Greens – 1 packet any time during the day to supplement any shortages in your daily greens requirement.


Is Animal Greens vegan?

While the ingredients within Animal Greens do not contain animal sources, the gelatin capsule is derived from beef.

Should I take this stack year-round?

You can. It is important to consumer veggies daily and support your immune system all year long.

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Immune Support Stack
Immune Support Stack

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