Immune PAK Stack

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Health is always first and foremost. Without a strong immune system, you leave yourself open to sickness and if that happens, you’re going to be sidelined. That’s not why we got into this game.

  • Pak (1 packet any time during the day. This is your multivitamin/mineral and antioxidant complex.
  • Immune Pak(1 packet any time during the day. Everything you need to keep your immune health primed and ready to go
  • Greens (1 packet any time during the day to supplement any shortages in daily greens you may need)
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Immune PAK Stack
Immune PAK Stack

In stock



    This is the stack that will assist your immune system and fortify from within. Loaded with key ingredients like Astragalus, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, you will better protected from viruses and bacteria. In addition, it’s a hearty serving of greens that will help your body keep in a healthy state.