Foundation PAK Stack

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If you’re going to build a house, make sure it has a good foundation. A strong foundation ensures that everything that sit on top doesn’t come crashing down at the first sign of weathering. Animal’s Foundation Stack provides you with all ingredients needed to put yourself through a rigorous training program and keep you performing through it. This stack should be non-negotiable.

  • Pak (1 pack any time during the day. This is your multivitamin/mineral and antioxidant complex.
  • Immune Pak(1 pack any time during the day. Everything you need to keep your immune health primed and ready to go)
  • Omega (1 pack any time during the day. Essential fatty acids are crucial in fat loss)
  • Flex (1 pack any time during the day. This is your joint support complex to ensure proper joint lubrication and wellness)


This is your basic stack. It contains everything to keep your body healthy and functioning the way it needs to during a training program. It’s your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, joint health and lubrication as well as ingredients assist with lipid and heart health. On top of that, it’ll help you stay healthy and active.

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Foundation PAK Stack
Foundation PAK Stack

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