Strength Stack

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Looking to get your lifts up? We’re talking about lifts that you never thought possible. We’re talking about new personal records that have you screaming through the gym and high-fiving your training partners. Then you need to do it right with the Personal Best Stack.

  • Meal (1-2 servings a day in place of any whole meal. Get your calories up)
  • Stak (1 Packet 30 minutes pre workout to amplify all hormones and put you into an anabolic state.)
  • Test (1 packet 30 min pre workout. Hypertrophy and max testosterone levels will be present in your life)
  • Juiced Aminos (2 scoops sipped intra workout to ensure maximum anabolism)

Strength is always a concern amongst lifters. To get it up, you’re going to need to be eating in a caloric surplus and Animal Meal will help you get there. Stak and Test will provide you with unrivaled hormone amplification to create a stronger, more anabolic environment. Juiced Aminos is to enhance the recovery process so you can keep progressing from one workout to another.