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Goal: Muscle Cutting and Weight Loss

Recommended for men and women, our Cutting Stack is based on an award-winning formula. When combined with an effective nutrition plan and cardiovascular regimen, this thermogenic fat burning stack should have you melting away bodyfat in no time.

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Goal: Muscle Building with Test Boost

This muscle-building stack is for the most hardcore lifters and bodybuilders looking to get as massive and strong as possible and is the gold standard of Animal firepower. Amplify natural testosterone levels, build muscle, and intensify your metabolism.

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Goal: Weight Loss and Definition

This non-hormonal fat burning stack, suitable for both men and women, is a fundamental approach to weight loss and muscle definition. Combine it with an effective nutrition plan and cardiovascular regimen to trim body fat and keep it off.

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Goal: Weight Gain

A caloric surplus is the ultimate tool to achieve mass. To help build mass, size and strength, this stack takes those calories, adds in enhanced naturally producing hormones, and tops it off with EAA + BCAA support for muscle recovery.

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Goal: Intense Focus

Design for both men and women, this pre-workout stack will have you dialed in while keeping your recovery in mind. Get killer pumps, focus and intensity with creatine monohydrate, nitric oxide, and caffeine and an amino acids supplement for recovery.

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Goal: Focus and Pump with No Jitters

The most Animal of athletes are ready before they even enter the gym. You may not need the caffeine to get you going, so the option for a skin splitting pump without the buzz is always available with EAA’s + BCAA’s for recovery as you train.

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Goal: Healthy Immune System

Getting in your daily immune-support vitamins and veggies has never been easier. The combination of Animal Immune and Greens promotes a strong and healthy immune system with high-potency vitamins and a serving of greens without the bad taste.

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Goal: Proper Supplementation

Sometimes we need to get back to our fundamentals, in both training and supplementation. The Foundation Stack is your baseline, your bread and butter. From beginner to top athlete, you can’t build a strong house on a weak foundation.

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Goal: Muscle Recovery

Training without proper recovery is like spinning your tires – you’ll go know where fast. With a combination of whey protein, amino acids, and other ingredients, this stack has all the benefits of recovery during and after exercise, as well as when you sleep.



A combination of nutritional supplement products strategically taken together to optimize your workout progress and help you reach your strength and physique goals. It is important to understand which supplements can and should be taken together, and which supplements you should avoid taking together.


If you're interested in building muscle, then amplifying your protein and caloric intake is necessary to add muscle. We recommend a quality whey isolate or to bulk up take a meal replacement shake that is an even blend of protein, fats and carbohydrates for a higher caloric intake.

For the more advanced trainee, arachidonic acid should be at the foundation for any muscle building stack looking to promote optimal testosterone levels and enhance muscle fiber inflammation during training. Supplementing with Zinc and GABA helps to promote quality sleep and will improve recovery.


It depends on your workout goals – there are a variety of beneficial supplements that make sense to take prior to training. Caffeine Anhydrous has been shown to improve both performance and output. Creatine Monohydrate can help improve exercise performance and minimize fatigue. Huperzine-A and Alpha-gpc are both Nootropics that help promote improved focus and cognitive function. Ingredients like Citrulline Malate and L-Arginine can assist in amplifying the muscle pumps and blood flow.


A wide spectrum of foundational supplements makes sense for beginners, based on your strength and fitness goals. A good place for anyone to start would be supplements that are filling nutritional gaps you may be missing in your diet. A multivitamin, mineral product, and greens-based products provide the best value in this area. In addition, a product rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids could assist in improve cardiovascular function, provide you with a hearty dose of healthy fats and potentially assist with fat loss.

Additionally, whey protein or mass gaining powder can make diet adherence easier, along with providing flexibility in your food sources.

Lastly, good sleep leads to optimal recovery. That means you need to be efficient in your rest periods overnight. Products rich in GABA and Zinc can get you into a deep slumber and make you feel refreshed when you wake.