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The Ultimate Training Pack Just Got Better
As a proud major player in the supplement industry for decades, we're committed to our customers, and that's why we've updated the Animal Pak formula.
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Categories: Supplementation
Is Your Foundation Strong Or Is Your House Ready To Crumble?
An immune system is your body's shield against viruses, bacterias, and pathogens. The stronger your immune system is the better chance you will have in overcoming illness. Key herbs and minerals in the recently released Animal Immune Pak can help buff up your internal armor. Read more about it in the latest article, "Is Your Foundation Strong or Is Your House Ready to Crumble?"
Posted By: G-Six
More Than Supplements
It's been pretty rough in the world these past few months. There are no two ways about it. It has been difficult, frustrating, and oftentimes tragic. This was the time to band together for the good of our fellow humans. From donating thousands of Animal Boss Bars to local food pantries to hooking our frontline heroes up with the brand new Animal Immune Pak, Animal will always be here to support those in need. Click the link to read the ways Animal helped the community during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Posted By: G-Six
The Origin Of Animal Meal
Anyone who knows me knows I care about nutrition and what I put into my body...a lot. As a bodybuilder, you have to make certain choices to achieve an elite level. At times, it seems like success and health are antithetical. Maybe that's a part of the reason why nutrition is so important to me. When it comes to nutrition, I'm always looking to eliminate the nonsense and get right to the good stuff. Over the years I’ve learned that you simply cannot improve on unadulterated, fresh, whole food. As far as perfect nutrition is concerned, technology has failed to surpass Mother Nature. Continue reading →
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Animal Meal: Key Ingredients
The idea behind Animal Meal is pretty simple. Animal and I created Animal Meal to be a highly digestible meal replacement powder with just a few natural, high quality ingredients. Animal Meal contains macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) sourced from the following seven basic foods: beef, egg, peas, sweet potatoes, oats, cassava root (yuca), and olive oil. Animal Meal also provides a close approximation of what I deem as the ideal ratio of those macronutrients – 1:1:1. Working closely with Animal, I just wanted in create a meal replacement powder that could serve as a meal “replacement” for me and anyone interested in proper nutrition. I truly hope I’ve succeeded. Continue reading →
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Animal Meal Questions & Answers With Evan Centopani
Who would benefit from taking Animal Meal? Anyone looking for a balanced, extremely easy to digest, and high-quality source of macronutrients can benefit from the regular use of Animal Meal. You don’t have to be an elite athlete or bodybuilder like me to benefit from Animal Meal use either. Continue reading →
Posted By: Evan Centopani
The Importance of Balancing Your Macros
Nearly all industries, disciplines, and practices are subject to trends. Nutrition and the opinions surrounding it seem to be especially volatile. In my lifetime alone, I have seen a dramatic shift in the thinking regarding nutrition. What’s interesting to note is that trends can be influenced by various factors. There is always the possibility that there is an agenda being pushed for the sake of making money. Any company or industry with something to gain from a favorable result can fund and publish “studies” which might influence people to buy their products. This happens in the food industry all the time. Continue reading →
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Fat Makes You Fat?
In the past, fat has gotten a pretty bad rap. Its name hasn't done it any favors either, as what you eat is synonymous with what your body holds: “fat makes you fat.” Many people probably imagine that swallowing grams of fat somehow immediately transform into love handles. The good news is it doesn't work like that. Fat can make you fat, but so can any other macronutrient that is consumed in overabundance. So, should you avoid fat? Continue reading →
Posted By: Evan Centopani
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