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Overcoming Injuries: A Blessing In Disguise
Injuries suck. Point blank. But they are a part of our sport because we push the limits every day. Sometimes, unfortunately, the limits push back. And when they do, you’re going to have a few choices—feel sorry for yourself and give up or find the lesson in this mess and rise above. Only you can decide.
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Posted By: Stefi Cohen
Categories: Lifestyle
Two-time 212 Mr Olympia runner-up Derek Lunsford has some things to say about the pressure involved in executing what he and others around him had come to expect.
Posted By: Derek Lunsford
Categories: Lifestyle
Chicago Pro Prep
Shawn Smith gives us an inside look into his Chicago Pro prep, what he's dealt with, what changes he's made, and how he's improved since Tampa last year.
Posted By: Shawn Smith
My Fitness Journey
Renee Jewett, one of Animal's newest athletes, details in her fitness journey from start to IFBB Wellness Pro.
Posted By: Renee Jewett
Categories: Lifestyle
My Journey from Fan to Employee and Athlete
Gary "G-Six" Turner has been involved with Animal for a while. Read his personal story to see his journey from Animal fan to Animal employee and athlete.
Posted By: G-Six
Categories: Lifestyle
From Fan to Fam
IFBB Pro Shawn Smith, Animal's newest athlete, shares his story on why and how he got into bodybuilding.
Posted By: Shawn Smith
Categories: Lifestyle
Maintaining A Competitive Mindset With No Meets In Sight
2020 is a tough year for everyone, especially competitive athletes. With shows and competitions getting canceled and postponed left and right, the uncertainty or lack of a final destination in your training can lead to a loosening of the competitive mindset. Some people can only stay motivated when there is a goal on the map. How do you keep your head in the game with no meets in sight?
Posted By: Rob Hall
Categories: Training, Lifestyle
Patience: A Lost Skill
As the years pass and new generations emerge, the evidence of a culture based upon instant gratification grows. Everyone wants everything quickly. If you couple that with a group of people who were given participation trophies their whole life, they'll begin to expect great things, not earn them. Gone are the days of grinding in the trenches, where folks said "I'm not where I want to be today, but I'm one step closer to getting there in the future." G-Six elaborates on this subject in his latest article, "Patience: A Lost Skill." Be sure to check it out.
Posted By: G-Six
Categories: Lifestyle
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