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Letter from CEO
To Our Animal Family, We have been following the latest coronavirus developments. We know it can be a stressful and challenging time. Continue reading →
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Posted By: Animal
Categories: Lifestyle
The Animal Homegrown Program: Exclusive Bodyweight/Band Hypertrophy Training
Listen, we're just as frustrated as you are with the current restrictions the country is facing as we battle COVID-19. The gym is life for most of us, so to not be able to go for an unknown amount of time means we have to be resourceful. John Jewett shows us what it's like to be a true Animal: accepting circumstances beyond your control, making no excuses, and adapting to situations. Here are some good "at-home" exercises to get you by until your gym opens up.
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Training, Lifestyle
Where I’ve Been
A proper offseason is the key to building essential mass for your contest prep. Without executing properly, you will likely look the same as you did in your previous show. In his latest article, G-Six highlights and points out some major strategies he used in his most effective offseason yet.
Posted By: G-Six
Categories: Lifestyle
How To Properly Start a Prep
There is often a great deal of confusion surrounding how to approach the process of getting in shape. Whether you’re starting preparations for a contest or want to get yourself in shape, the most challenging part is simply getting started. An evolving approach is best. Just as you wouldn’t go from being single to completely changing your life by moving in with someone you don’t know, I think it’s foolish to make grandiose plans to commit to a diet that is a huge departure from what you currently follow. What if that diet is just not right for you? To go from a diet that you have been following for a significant period of time, regardless of how good or bad it may seem, to one that is radically different is usually a mistake
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Categories: Lifestyle, The Build
No Switch Off: Bodybuilding, Work, and Relationships
Bodybuilding is, and always will be, a time consuming endeavor as there is no off-season. It doesn't just turn off when you leave the gym or competition. This often creates an imbalance in priorities. Chris Tuttle shows us in his newest article how maintain a healthy balance between family, career, and competition.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: Lifestyle
Buyer Beware: Recall Affects 859 Supplement Brands, But Not Us
Some shocking news came to the forefront of social media this week that affected over 850 supplement brands (859 to be exact).
Posted By: Jason Budsock
Categories: Lifestyle
Skill, Passion, and Talent: The Trifecta For Success
Do you want to know what it takes to succeed? We all have different formulas, but maybe we can learn a thing or two from world record holder Stefi Cohen. Click the link for Stefi's latest article where she dives deep into "The Trifecta For Success."
Posted By: Stefi Cohen
Categories: Lifestyle
New Year’s Resolutions
Making a new year's resolution is a good way to set up a new goal and begin achieving it, but how many of us actually succeed? Chris Tuttle explains in his latest article why most of our resolutions will fail, but he also tells us how to avoid these common mistakes. Read on to start your year right.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: Lifestyle
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