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Diet & Nutrition

How To Take Fury
The supplement industry has been around for a while, before 1977 when Universal was founded. Consumers have been buying supplements for decades. Continue reading →
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Posted By: Animal
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
Big On A Budget: Minding Your Macros
While I’m a bodybuilder today, I got really serious about powerlifting when I was in high school. I researched every aspect of the sport in order to be the best I could be. Continue reading →
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
Animal Fury is Here: Bring The Pain
Pain. It has transformational power. It can destroy everything in its path and tear us apart. But channeled correctly, it can also facilitate incredible change. Continue reading →
Posted By: Animal
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
The Hard Truth
Calories are necessary to sustain life; everything outside of that statement is 100% theoretical. Nothing irritates me more than the absolute certainty and arrogance pundits engage in when discussing bodybuilding nutrition. Continue reading →
Posted By: Machine
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
No Limit
Overview Back in the summer of 2013, Animal sent me on a special mission. They challenged me to stretch a limited budget as far as possible and put together a bodybuilding diet using only $50 --- for an entire week's worth of food. Continue reading →
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
Animal Pak Powder: The Power is in The Powder
With a legacy that harkens back to a golden era in our sport, but the dark ages of bodybuilding supplementation, Animal Pak has endured for generations. And for good reason. It works. And it has worked for more than thirty years. Making the cut into the nutritional programs of Olympia competitors, world record-holding powerlifters and hardcore strength athletes of all walks of life. Continue reading →
Posted By: Animal
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
Build A Big House
Yo, this is The House again, representing downright dirty offseason eating for mass gains. Continue reading →
Posted By: The House
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
The Moment of Truth
The moment of truth… The time has arrived. Your heart is racing. Your veins are throbbing with carb-loaded blood. Continue reading →
Posted By: The House
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
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