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Rob Hall

Arguably one of the toughest S.O.B’s west of the Mississippi situated right in the heart of Texas. Standing at 6 feet tall, with a body weight ranging from 310-335lbs, Rob Hall is one of the top powerlifters in the country. From being a multi-sport athlete in high school to winning 2 college football division championships at Mary-Hardin Baylor. During those formative years, Rob lived in the weight room continuously trying to get better. In present day, with those sports no longer in the foreground Rob has put his focus into becoming one of the strongest powerlifters in the world.

Outside of the gym, Rob enjoys his time with his family and also spends his time creating art, watching movies and playing video games. Another passion of Rob’s is doing online coaching and giving back to the powerlifting community; either in knowledge or hosting meets with prizes.

Total in wraps of 2,237lbs and 2,210lbs in sleeves.
Biggest lifts come via a 854lb squat, 589lb bench and 837lb deadlift.
Rob held the American record total in the 308 weight class in sleeves in 2017.

Rob also dabbles in some crazy exhibitions – one of them being a 2,005lb total in 33 seconds via 725 squat, 530 bench and 750 deadlift. Another was the deadlift face-off battle with 600lbs doing a total of 65 reps over the course of an hour and a half...both events played out in The CAGE, Animal’s showstopping strength exhibition hosted annually at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

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