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Jamal Browner Block ImageJamal Browner Block Image

Jamal Browner

Jamal grew up playing several sports, from football to track & field. The football field is where he excelled and got his opportunity to play at the next level. Jamal has always had a passion for lifting weights, but ultimately found his passion for powerlifting his sophomore year in college. Starting out, he didn’t know he would be where he is today. He just knew he loved it and would do his best to be the best. Five years later he is the ATWR 242lb total and deadlift record holder. Currently, Jamal has one of the highest deadlifts ever recorded in competition.

All-Time World Record Holder 242lbs. Total
All-Time World Record Holder 242lbs. Deadlift (971lbs)
1,000lbs. deadlift in training