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Huge On A Hundred

As most of you know, bodybuilding can get quite expensive, especially when it comes to nutrition. First, it’s important to balance your budget for the week to avoid overspending.

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Into The Pot

As a high school student, my focus was completely and totally dedicated to wrestling. Although I was skilled enough to earn a wrestling scholarship at a private university, I realized after my first semester that I wasn’t prepared for the level of dedication, commitment, hard work, and sacrifice that a collegiate wrestling career demanded.

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Five Cues for the Deadlift

I have to give CrossFit a lot of credit. Although it’s currently popular for many bodybuilders and powerlifters to bash the CrossFit movement, you won’t hear me doing that.

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As a young and avid weightlifter, I looked up to IFBB professional bodybuilders for advice in training and diet. I would search for videos online of Jay Cutler, Evan Centopani, and others for motivation and to use as a guide for what exercises I would train for the muscle group I was working that particular day. At first, I would do exactly what was shown in the video—the same exercises, number of reps and sets, and amount of time under tension. Over the years, though, I’ve developed my own way of training based on 5 principles, or “pillars,” that can be applied to every body part. Keep in mind that on some days, you will have more energy/strength than other days, but the approach should still be the same.