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The Wall

There was once a noble warrior who spent much of his life abroad, defending his homeland and the way of life of his people.

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The Hard Truth

Calories are necessary to sustain life; everything outside of that statement is 100% theoretical. Nothing irritates me more than the absolute certainty and arrogance pundits engage in when discussing bodybuilding nutrition.

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You know you are putting in time when it's just you and the bugs. You unlock the door and feel along the wall for the three light switches that will provide that all too familiar flicker and buzz, like a bad horror movie.

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Blind Man

A new sun is born tomorrow, and so it continues, until no tomorrows remain. Perhaps there are but two distinct forms which can be seen among mankind, the one immersed in continual birth, and the other immersed in continual death.

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Forget - Create - Remain

All things being equal, everything we do in the gym works; it's that simple. People try their damnedest to complicate it unendingly; but try as they might to piss all over the process, everything we do in the gym works.

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No Limit

Overview Back in the summer of 2013, Animal sent me on a special mission. They challenged me to stretch a limited budget as far as possible and put together a bodybuilding diet using only $50—for an entire week's worth of food.

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Animal Pak Powder: The Power is in The Powder

With a legacy that harkens back to a golden era in our sport, but the dark ages of bodybuilding supplementation, Animal Pak has endured for generations. And for good reason. It works. And it has worked for more than thirty years. Making the cut into the nutritional programs of Olympia competitors, world record-holding powerlifters and hardcore strength athletes of all walks of life.

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Huge On A Hundred With Rex

Once you have dropped the last dumbbell in the gym, it is time to head home and pick up another set of iron tools ? the fork and the knife. There is much more to successful physique enhancement than just a daily 90 minute training session. In order to allow your body to grow, you have to feed it the right nutrients and the right amounts. Otherwise, you will either end up looking like a skinny twig or, even worse, the marshmallow man.