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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Where the mind goes, the body follows. You're drastically reducing your chances of achieving your goals without the proper mindset. Derek Lunsford explains how to program your mind for success in his latest article "Change Your Mind, Change Your Body."

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Post Contest Rebound Success vs Distress

You've just dieted for 20 weeks straight with no cheat meals. You're fucking starving--your mind tells you to eat 15 cheeseburgers and 12 doughnuts, but your heart tells you a different story. You know that if you don't handle yourself the right way in the post show rebound, you could lose all of your hard work and you can also run into health issues. For some helpful advice on how to take advantage of post show conditions and to control weight gain, take a look at John Jewett's article "Post Contest Rebound Success vs Distress."

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Rebounding From Competition

We diet for weeks and months on end--cutting carbs and fats down to minuscule numbers in hopes of obtaining ultra low body fat levels. The body becomes used to living this way. It is inevitable that when we start eating normally again, we will spring up quick. This "rebound" is not only common in bodybuilding, but can pose potential health problems if not handled intelligently. Derek Lunsford tells you how to handle your post show rebound in his latest article, " Rebounding From Competition."

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Hamstrings That Hang

Hamstring training is often an afterthought for many competitors, which is why a lot of people lack them. John Jewett gives you a look at his hamstring workout and explains why he chooses each movement.

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Shoulder Width Push Session

Do you want those boulder-sized delts that force you to walk sideways through doors? Well, I can’t promise you that, but I can give you a solid workout that will start the process to bringing them up. Delts are the widest point of the body and, if built, they give a 3D look that will highlight the upper body from the front, side, and back. It’s rare to find someone in bodybuilding with delts that are too big because we usually believe that wider is always better. At my last show, I realized that I needed to get my shoulders as wide as possible in order to be a knock out competitor on stage. This will also give you the illusion of a smaller waist.

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Five Back Stage Bodybuilding Mishaps to Avoid

You have dieted for over twenty weeks. You’re now just hours away from stepping on stage. Instead of exhilaration, you get a sinking feeling. You realize you are running low on food and your veins are fading. You rummage through your bag for that last rice cake and slam it down. Time is running out. You rush to get glazed up and try pumping up for the stage. But the pump has forsaken you and your glaze looks drier than a desert. All the hard work and sacrifice was for nothing.

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My Competition History

Derek Lunsford is currently one of the biggest sensations on the competitive bodybuilding circuit. This former college wrestler has had his share of triumphs and failures on his way from amateur to pro. Read his latest article, “My Competition History,” to see how he made it up on to the Olympia stage.

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Stand Strong

You can draw many parallels between bodybuilding and real life. Training in a gym—and everything that comes with it—has much to teach you about operating on a personal level. Derek Lunsford shares his thoughts on how intertwined bodybuilding and life really are in his his latest article.

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Post Contest Back Training for Width

The first thing you learn about this sport is that perfection doesn't exist. Fresh off the Dallas Europa pro show, John Jewett assesses his weaknesses and gets back to the work at hand–bringing up his back. Take a look as he takes us through a vertical specific back workout in "The Animal Underground."

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Two Week Out Push Session

You don’t hear too many bodybuilders refer to a workout as Push or Pull day. It is typically chest day or back day or some single muscle group split. I have stuck to a Pull, Push, Legs split for quite some time, but never really called it that.

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Better Arms In 15 Minutes

Circumstances aren't always perfect. As a bodybuilder, you have to make do with what you've got and roll with the punches. Evan shows you how to do an entire arm workout in only 15 minutes—don't let life stand in your way of getting it done.

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On the Map: Training Back with Evan

Derek Lunsford has been Mr. Worldwide of late. After landing in Germany for FIBO in April, Derek found himself wandering around Birmingham, England for the BodyPower Expo. Take a look at what went down in Derek's world as he flew across the pond to England.