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Adaptation: The Key To Success

Most of us were contemplating our strategies for 2020 not too long ago. Whether you were thinking about your next competition or how you were going to add ten pounds of muscle or finally get your ass in shape or improve your squat, you had plans this year. I don’t think that any of our plans included being quarantined on account of a highly contagious and potentially lethal virus sweeping the globe. But, hey, shit happens. And shit has most certainly happened. Aside from the immediate health threat posed by the COVID-19 virus, many of us have to deal with new difficult circumstances such as businesses shutting down, massive layoffs, food and product scarcity, and social distancing. So what does all of this mean for the average bodybuilder/powerlifter/fitness enthusiast like you and me? It means that we’ve all had to make some adjustments in the name of keeping things moving.

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Post Contest Rebound Success vs Distress

You've just dieted for 20 weeks straight with no cheat meals. You're fucking starving--your mind tells you to eat 15 cheeseburgers and 12 doughnuts, but your heart tells you a different story. You know that if you don't handle yourself the right way in the post show rebound, you could lose all of your hard work and you can also run into health issues. For some helpful advice on how to take advantage of post show conditions and to control weight gain, take a look at John Jewett's article "Post Contest Rebound Success vs Distress."