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Chasing Greatness

You are your worst critic. In strength sports, that is both good and bad because it keeps you accountable but at the same time you'll never be satisfied. Being content with your progress is the kiss of death and the nail in the coffin. We're all chasing greatness which feels close, yet so far away. But in the end, we just keep going.

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Becoming an Olympian

Now, the sky’s the limit. My goal is to win the 212 Olympia. This is not a dream, but a reality I can make true. I have the entire year focused for the 2020 Olympia. I will change my physique into what will be an Olympian champion—my vision is set.

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Setting Goals for Your Dream

Every champion has dreams. They are the sole reasons why we put our bodies and minds through this turmoil. Dreams consist of smaller goals which lead up to the final destination. Read on as John Jewett shows us how to set goals for our dreams in his newest article.