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No Limit with Pete Rubish

You’ve seen plenty of our athletes food shop within a specific budget. While “Big on a Budget” and “Huge on a Hundred” contain valuable information on how to shop with limited funds, it doesn’t always reflect their actual nutrition plan. Check out what powerlifter Pete Rubish grabs off the shelves when we turn him loose in the grocery store with “No Limits.”

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"Big on the Basics" Split Squat

An elite lifter won’t always destroy each and every lift—even the most intense and skilled powerlifter will be injured at some point. Rather than dwell on what they cannot do, top notch athletes focus on what they can.

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At the most basic level, The Cage is nothing more than a 30’ x 20’ chain link enclosure with heavy rubber flooring that contains barbells, dumbbells, plates, a monolift, a bench press, and a deadlift platform. But to many, The Cage represents so much more.