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Top 5 Foods for Winter Massing

Top 5 Foods for Winter Massing

Winter is Coming! For most of us, that means time to size up. These are John Jewett’s top 5 bulking foods during a mass phase.

Making Gains for the Master Level Bodybuilder

Making Gains for the Masters Level Bodybuilder

There are ways to make gains and continue to progress in bodybuilding as you age. Albeit, you may need to make adjustments and work around ailments due to age but you can still do it. How? John Jewett throws some pointers here.

Dieting on the Road

Dieting on the Road

One of the toughest things for a bodybuilder to do is travel.  John Jewett lets us in on some of the tips to get the job done.

Chris Tuttle shares tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with food

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Food

Unfortunately, physique athletes tend to develop a poor relationship with food. This is often brought on by strict dieting that leads to hyper-focus on both the foods they can and can't eat. How do you stop that? Chris Tuttle shares tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

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Overcoming Food Shortages

The recent food shortages over the last few weeks have left many people struggling to maintain their habitual diet. Although there is no question that we are not truly experiencing a food shortage as seen in the past, I’d like to address our current situation and provide some tips on what you can do if you are a strength athlete or on a strict diet.

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Pitfalls of Dairy

If your childhood was anything like mine, you grew up believing that dairy was wholesome and nutritious. Milk was the very lifeblood of the mammalian class (to which we belong), and if it’s good enough to rear a child with—to foster rapid growth and development—then it MUST be the perfect food for bodybuilders. Further, dairy is protein-rich, widely available, and decently priced. The fact that it tastes damn good surely doesn’t hurt either, but I personally don’t believe that dairy is the ideal protein source for those in search of a bigger, stronger, and healthier looking body. In fact, it is my deep belief that the consumption of dairy can be altogether counterproductive for a large number people.

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Bodybuilding – The Process

Bodybuilding is a step by step process to prepare for a competition. One month, one week and one day at a time. What you do the week prior will all have a profound effect on the changes made and how effective those changes are. Read further into how to move from Point A to Point B properly in prepping for a show in Derek Lunsford's newest article "Bodybuilding-The Process"