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Rebounding From Competition

We diet for weeks and months on end--cutting carbs and fats down to minuscule numbers in hopes of obtaining ultra low body fat levels. The body becomes used to living this way. It is inevitable that when we start eating normally again, we will spring up quick. This "rebound" is not only common in bodybuilding, but can pose potential health problems if not handled intelligently. Derek Lunsford tells you how to handle your post show rebound in his latest article, " Rebounding From Competition."

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Five Back Stage Bodybuilding Mishaps to Avoid

You have dieted for over twenty weeks. You’re now just hours away from stepping on stage. Instead of exhilaration, you get a sinking feeling. You realize you are running low on food and your veins are fading. You rummage through your bag for that last rice cake and slam it down. Time is running out. You rush to get glazed up and try pumping up for the stage. But the pump has forsaken you and your glaze looks drier than a desert. All the hard work and sacrifice was for nothing.