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How to continue to fit in your skinny jeans

How to continue to fit in your skinny jeans

I think we all have a pair of jeans hanging in our closets that we don’t wear but can’t part with. Maybe it’s because you’ve gained some unwanted weight and dream of fitting back into them. Maybe you’ve lost some weight and keep them as a reminder that you never want to fit into them again. Maybe you’ve been naturally thin all your life but have dreamed of having more curves and fitting into a larger size of jeans. Whatever the reason, the common goal is to work towards our goal physique in a healthy and sustainable way.

Meals for Gaining Muscle

Post-Workout Meals for Gaining Muscle

While I can’t tell you when it was that I first heard it or who told me but there have been several times in my life that I have been told that it’s not entirely what you say that counts, but HOW you say it. I would certainly agree but I would also add that WHEN is just as important as how. Some would even go far as to say that timing is everything.

From the Powerlifting Platform

From the Powerlifting Platform to the Bodybuilding Stage

First and foremost, I’m a lifelong fan of lifting weights, so I’ve had an interest in every endeavor that is intrinsically tied to that. Olympic weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting, arm-wrestling, bodybuilding, etc. My competitive career has been predominantly in powerlifting, but I have also done two strongman competitions (in 2014) and have always wanted to try my hand at bodybuilding. After I was injured in November 2021 while preparing for a powerlifting competition, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do any heavy squatting for a while, so I figured going the bodybuilding route would be a way to feed my competitive drive and take on a new challenge that involved a different style of training and dieting. Just to be clear, I am not done powerlifting.

How To Grow Massive Traps

How To Grow Massive Traps

Andrew Herbert is known for a lot of things—like world record lifts and much more. But you know what else? Having a damn big neck. How does he get it? He’s got some pointers.

Joint Health & Bodybuilding

Lifting heavy for years on end is going to put some wear and tear on your joints. There are no two ways about it. 

HELP! I Have Small Arms!

Everyone wants huge arms. Who doesn't? But, sometimes it could be a glaring weakness in a physique that needs attention. Quite often with guys and girls that lack a muscular connection there, arm training could seem impossible to progress. John Jewett has some suggestions for you.

Powerful Fat-Burning Versatility

Animal Cuts Non-Stim: Powerful Fat-Burning Versatility

It’s undeniable that Animal Cuts is one of the best fat burners on the market. The number of awards this product has been given stretches for as far as I can see. Both The Vitamin Shoppe and Bodybuilding.com have awarded Animal Cuts and Cuts Powder as the “Best Thermogenic and Weight Loss Product of the Year,” and for a good reason — it works!

Your physique goal and current training phase can dictate the cardio choices that you might want to set in place.

Personalizing Your Cardio

Your physique goal and current training phase can dictate the cardio choices that you might want to set in place. Whether your goal is fat loss, aerobic capacity, health improvement, or you have a sport-specific need, let this be your guide to personalizing your cardio to reach that goal.

IFBB Pro Shawn Smith discusses Cuts Powder and how he used it for his bodybuilding contest prep.

Animal Cuts Powder Explained

IFBB Pro Shawn Smith is absolutely shredded right now. There are no two ways about it. He's just completely peeled, head to toe. His fat burner of choice during this contest prep was Animal Cuts Powder. See how he rates it in his latest article.