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How To Grow Massive Traps

How To Grow Massive Traps

Andrew Herbert is known for a lot of things—like world record lifts and much more. But you know what else? Having a damn big neck. How does he get it? He’s got some pointers.

Tips for Building a Massive Back Placeholder

Tips for Building a Massive Back

A massive back is a status symbol among bodybuilders. Much like the ever-coveted big legs, having a back that turns heads is an indicator that an athlete has put in the heavy-duty work. You don't acquire a thick cobra backside by doing sissy movements, half repping, and training lightly. You have to put some elbow grease into it. Shawn Smith shares some tips for building a massive back.

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On the Map: Training Back with Evan

Derek Lunsford has been Mr. Worldwide of late. After landing in Germany for FIBO in April, Derek found himself wandering around Birmingham, England for the BodyPower Expo. Take a look at what went down in Derek's world as he flew across the pond to England.

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Back Metabolic Day

John Jewett's experience separates him from the pack. He understands more than just training specific movements--he also knows how they relate to each body part. Check it out as he smashes back in "The Animal Underground."

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High Octane Back Training

Having a big back is crucial in bodybuilding. At least 2 of the mandatory poses require a big, thick back. I’ve always had the impression that if you have a big back, it’s likely that the rest of your body will be big—or at least grow as your back grows—and that you train like an Animal. If you haven’t checked out my article “The 5 Pillars of Training,” I suggest you go now and check it out. The 5 pillars will help guide you through my approach to back training. In this video, I show you how to use the 5 pillars approach to take you through a back and bicep training session.

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Back and Trap Day

John Jewett may be jacked, but he’s also known for his brains. This guy is a walking textbook. John understands nutrition and can design effective training protocols. In his latest article, you will learn how to properly execute a back and trap session.

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International Back and Biceps

On his first trip outside of the US, the only place that Vincenzo “Mass” Masone wanted to go after an eight hour flight was to the gym. All “Mass” needed was a kick from his preworkout and the desire to make a statement.