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On Being a Role Model

I believe that we all have a calling. A calling is what you are meant to do on this Earth; it determines how you will contribute to society and to the community. Listening to your calling and pursuing it with passion will ultimately lead you to success. How do you know what your calling is? Identify your natural talent and passions, then take a look at what you enjoy doing. These combined will open your eyes to what you are called to do. Passion is something no one can take away from you—only you can decide not to pursue it. I’ve heard many reasons why people back away from their calling: “I wouldn’t make enough money;” “I work too much;” and “I don’t know how to start.” If you are passionate and it’s your calling, believe me, you will find a way to meet all your needs. You just have to pursue it and follow through.

Failure happens only when you give up. The majority of people tend to stop before they finish. The blueprint is set up, they are on their way to achieving their goals, and then before they break through the finish line, they stop. All the hard work, dedication, time, and effort was spent for nothing. If you do reach your goal, you’ll be surprised by how satisfying that feels. You will also feel a sense of duty toward those who now look up to you for achieving your goals and fulfilling your destiny. Whether you want it or not, the more you grow into “success,” the greater your responsibility is as a role model.

Before you begin your journey to greatness, ask yourself if you’re ready to accept the responsibility of becoming a role model. Being a role model is an opportunity to influence others in any number of positive ways. For example, not everyone may be able to fill your shoes, but you can encourage them to be the best at what they do. Simply carrying yourself in a positive manner also goes a long way. As I was growing into a competitive bodybuilder, I looked up to the greats of bodybuilding. I would watch all the video I could on these athletes. Not only would I watch their training videos to learn more about how to work out, but I would watch many videos on their daily lives. I studied the way they carried themselves as professionals, how they treated others, the words they would say and what they meant. It’s not about winning or being great at what you do, but how you carry yourself through the process.

When you push others to do better and be better, you’re creating a more positive environment around you, which in turn keeps your own motivation going. This is why it’s so important that you pursue your passion even when times are tough. Your favorite celebrity, the one that’s always smiling and enjoying a lavish lifestyle, goes through the same life struggles as all of us. I can guarantee that your process won’t always be comfortable or enjoyable, but pressing through the “pain” makes you stronger. Continuing to push toward your goal when you don’t feel motivated is what makes you great—this is what makes you a champion—and a role model worth following.

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