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Road Warrior

On the road without food; we’ve all been there and sure as Monday is international chest day, we’re bound to find ourselves there again.

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Tough Love

To me, the gym is a lot like life. We throw around terms like torque, resistance, failure, accommodation, power, strength, and endurance in the gym.

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The Wall

There was once a noble warrior who spent much of his life abroad, defending his homeland and the way of life of his people.

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You know you are putting in time when it's just you and the bugs. You unlock the door and feel along the wall for the three light switches that will provide that all too familiar flicker and buzz, like a bad horror movie.

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Blind Man

A new sun is born tomorrow, and so it continues, until no tomorrows remain. Perhaps there are but two distinct forms which can be seen among mankind, the one immersed in continual birth, and the other immersed in continual death.

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Forget - Create - Remain

All things being equal, everything we do in the gym works; it's that simple. People try their damnedest to complicate it unendingly; but try as they might to piss all over the process, everything we do in the gym works.

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Theory of Dynamic Brutality

Some of the theories on training and exercise have been warped over the years. Some believe that you should do only enough to stimulate and then get out of the gym. I believe that to effect any real change I must use the Theory of Dynamic Brutality. To me, this is the only way to smash my body so completely that the only measure of adaptation is growth.

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Ante Up

“His place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” That is the real shit right there. Words spoken by President Theodore Roosevelt almost a century ago.

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My Alchemy, Volume 3

Stress. It is both to be sought and to be avoided at all costs. There is a precarious line we toe as bodybuilders--inflicting major muscular damage on ourselves on a regular basis but then attempting to compensate for this trauma immediately by means of rest, relaxation and the consumption of copious calories.

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Battling Fatigue

Hamilton Holt said “nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last.”