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PakCast - Animal Podcast #3 Psychology of Steroids

Animal PakCast is our new podcast where we at Animal discuss real strength, real topics and real issues. We’ve always taken pride in sharing our experiences, knowledge and inspiration. This is just our latest platform. In PakCast, we’re not interested only in training and diet, but the ideas around strength and strength-related sports.

In Episode 3:There is No Secret, Animal Mentality (@AnimalMentality) talks to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Evan Centopani (@EvanCentopani) about the psychology of steroid use. Wide ranging topics include answers to some of the following questions: When is steroid use a shortcut and what does Evan thinks of those who believe that? Is it really cheating? When, if ever, might it be justified? Many different mindsets and attitudes go into thinking about this hot button topic and Evan lays his thoughts out on the line. In this episode, we also talk about some the top myths associated with steroid use, and the philosophy of “risk mitigation” and what that means. Check it out on Animal PakCast, the official Animal podcast – stream it or download it for later when you’re on the stepper. You can also get our free podcasts on Apple iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

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