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Huge On A Hundred With Rex

Once you have dropped the last dumbbell in the gym, it is time to head home and pick up another set of iron tools ? the fork and the knife. There is much more to successful physique enhancement than just a daily 90 minute training session. In order to allow your body to grow, you have to feed it the right nutrients and the right amounts. Otherwise, you will either end up looking like a skinny twig or, even worse, the marshmallow man.

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The Extra Mile

Let’s cut the shit. You are bigger today than you ever imagined possible. Odds are 99% of the dudes you bump into on a regular basis would swap their left nut to have your physique.

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My Alchemy, Volume 2

Training is the fucking easy part. The further along you come in your development; you’ll find ways of becoming more efficient and generating greater intensity. Focused and motivated, you’ll rip through your workout like a rabid wolverine frothing at the mouth and be slumped in your whip driving home in less than an hour.

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Powerbuilding, Volume 4

So by this time you get the 411 on protein loud and clear. It honestly shouldn't have taken me to do it, as I know every inch of every page of your favorite bodybuilding mag or online forum has driven the protein message through your thick skull by now.

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Powerbuilding, Volume 3

Setting the table, yeah that’s where the business of bodybuilding is done. Back in the day, I told you that the difference between the freaks and the flock is the fucking fork.

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The 24/7 Athlete

Bodybuilders are the hardest working athletes in the world. Point blank. No athletic pursuit in this world requires a comparable sort of single-minded focus.