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More Than a Market

One flight over the pond brings Animal athletes Vincenzo Masone and Evan Centopani to Birmingham, England for the BodyPower Expo. Sights were seen, weights were lifted, and food was consumed. See it all go down in the latest video "More Than a Market."

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The Balanced Macro Diet

Getting started in any endeavor is oftentimes the hardest part. This certainly holds true in bodybuilding. New bodybuilders are almost always more confused than they are confident. Even with the overabundance of information available on various websites and on social media, most beginners will walk away with more questions than answers, especially regarding nutrition.

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Nutrition Basics: Setting Up Macronutrients

John Jewett has always been a "thinking man's bodybuilder.” Every movement he performs and every morsel of food he puts in his mouth has a purpose and function. His knowledge is vast and his approach is intelligent. Listen in as he covers some of the nutrition basics that are the pillars of his plan.

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Understanding Macro and Micronutrients

When constructing a proper diet, you need to consider more than just caloric intake and protein, carbs, and fat. Nutrition also includes vitamins and minerals. Derek Lunsford explains his approach to nutrition in his newest article, “Understanding Macronutrients and Micronutrients.”

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Huge On A Hundred

As most of you know, bodybuilding can get quite expensive, especially when it comes to nutrition. First, it’s important to balance your budget for the week to avoid overspending.

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Big On the Basics: Squat

I remember years ago seeing Tom Platz’s legs for the first time and being astonished to see that much muscle mass on a frame. Tom, known for his massive legs, got that way with squats. So, I figured, it only made sense that squatting was the ticket to big legs. I powerlifted and squatted for 8 years and gained some big wheels.