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IFBB Pro Shawn Smith discusses Cuts Powder and how he used it for his bodybuilding contest prep.

Animal Cuts Powder Explained

Lean, dry, hard muscle. This is the ultimate for bodybuilders training for a show, or anyone wanting to display their hard-earned muscle to the fullest potential. Achieving a vascular, shredded, separated physique comes at a price though: you’ll be faced with countless hours of cardio, starvation, low energy, and decreased motivation. You need an edge…a weapon in your assault on body fat and water retention. You need Animal Cuts powder. Animal Cuts powder delivers a proprietary blend of ingredients in an easy to consume form that will help combat all of the struggles of getting truly shredded.

If you expend more calories than you consume, you’ll lose bodyweight. If training, nutrition, and supplementation are on point, the bodyweight you lose will most likely be body fat. Animal Cuts has a metabolic and stimulant complex to help you expend more calories and rev your metabolism. A blend of carnitine helps increase energy production on a cellular level, while caffeine directly increases metabolism and lipolysis through the release of norepinephrine. Epinephrine is also released after caffeine consumption to increase heart rate and muscular performance. Animal Cuts powder also contains a herbal extract blend that supplies polyphenols, which are compounds that enhance fat metabolism.

Achieving a truly shredded physique takes time. Prolonged periods of dieting can lead to a decrease in mood and motivation, an increase in cortisol, and slowed metabolism. Animal Cuts powder contains a nootropic and thyroid complex to combat these phenomena. Tyrosine relieves stress and anxiety, improves cognitive function and alertness, and increases thermogenesis. L-Taurine also has a calming effect on the body and helps manage stress and cortisol. It plays an integral role in fat burning and recovery. Choline is both a lipotropic agent and a mood enhancer. Choline works in conjunction with carnitine to increase the breakdown of body fat and enhance physical performance. Lastly, Phosphatidylserine and Huperzine A are added to improve cognitive function, lower cortisol, and increase mental alertness.

Competitive bodybuilders know that even when body fat levels are very low, one variable can blur the detail of your physique for which you’ve worked so hard—water. Water is obviously a vital nutrient. You must be properly hydrated in order to display full, round muscles. Intracellular water is your friend, but extracellular water is your enemy. Finding the right balance of fluid intake and electrolytes is key to achieving full muscle bellies. When it comes time to get rid of the excess water found outside of the muscle cells, diuretics can help. Animal Cuts powder contains dandelion root powder and uva ursi leaf powder, two natural diuretics that can help you lose water safely.

I’ve used Animal Cuts extensively the last few weeks of my prep for the 2021 Indy Pro. As my energy dwindled the further I progressed, my mood and my enthusiasm for training declined. I used Animal Cuts powder right before I went to train at the gym. I noticed an increase in focus and strength and a better mood. I normally don’t like stimulants because I end up crashing and feeling terrible afterward, but Animal Cuts power supplied me with just enough energy to make a big impact in my training sessions without any jittery feelings or a feeling of exhaustion a few hours later like many products with stimulants do. If you are looking for an edge during your fat loss journey, I highly recommend Animal Cuts powder.

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