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Evan Centopani

Early on, I learned that all the hard work in the gym would be in vain if your nutritional approach did not support your desired goals. This one fact would prove itself true over and over again throughout my lifetime pursuit of physical improvement. Whether I was an obese 13-year old looking to shed fat, an aspiring teenage bodybuilder looking to get started, a 23-year old stepping on a bodybuilding stage for the first time, or a top level IFBB Pro competing in the Arnold Classic and the Olympia, my understanding of nutrition is something that has been forever changing, evolving, and improving. Throughout all of this, my commitment to supporting health through proper nutrition has been unwavering. A “meathead” approach was never a viable option, at least not for me. I always strive to cut to the chase; I just want what’s genuine, what works, and what’s best. I despise bullshit and gimmicks—in the gym and in the kitchen. I demand quality and results simply because my career and my personal life are about quality and results. It's taken me many years to build trust among my fans…it’s not something I'm willing to squander. This is who I am.

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