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Standard issue lifting straps
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Heavy-duty canvas lifting straps designed for durability and comfort at 1.5" wide by 22.5". If you're looking to move heavy weight on pulling movements without your grip giving out, these will get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the lifting strap breaks?

Although this would be a very rare occurrence, as with any of our products, if your item breaks or rips at any time, contact Customer Service at 732-545-3130 and we will replace it with a brand new pair free of charge.


I've used many straps over the years these are the best one's I have ever used. They are a little longer than traditional straps which helps especially if you have thicker than normal wrist. I've actually torn other straps in the past, but these have never even shown signs of tearing. Truly quality straps.


Awesome quality. Better than most other straps I've used. Only thing I've used better to date is homemade straps made from seat-belts out of a junked car.

~ twobitp

I have owned a pair of these straps for a long time. They are very comfortable. They gripped the thread of the bar just perfectly. All and all, they are great.

~ Buckybotox

Good straps for heavy weight lifting.

~ Chelvid

This is really a high grade pair of lifting straps. As a competitive powerlifter, these are my go to straps.

~ bleepsheep

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