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Animal Energy

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You can get it, but can you keep it – energy, focus and mood that comes quick yet lasts? The single capsule Animal Energy is here.
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Whether you’re training 1-2 hours and need to be at your peak or just need a pick-me-up on off days to get things done, you may need a lift every now and then. For those times when you need clean energy, enhanced focus and mood without a crash, check out Animal Energy. With its convenient 1-capsule dose, Animal Energy is simple to use yet powerful. Animal Energy’s unique 2-Stage delivery system provides both quick and lasting effects. Our product can help you when you need to be strong and help push you through days that feel long.
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Review by Joshua / (Posted on 1/12/2019)
I work the night shift and sometimes while mentally i want to work out, physically I just wanna sleep. Animal Energy has not only helped me overcome the tiredness but I feel totally recharged especially when I go to the gym in the mornings and overall this has been a real compliment for me. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stack Animal Energy with pre-workout?

Animal Energy can be used as a pre-workout. Because it contains a potent dose of stims, you should avoid using Animal Energy with other stimulant-based pre-workouts such as Animal Fury and Animal Rage XL.

When should I take Animal Energy?

While you can definitely use Animal Energy before you train, the product is very flexible for anyone. You can use Animal Energy any time you need a boost during the day­­­–as a morning “wake up” or a mid-day crash preventative or to help power you through tasks that require focus and clarity. 

How many capsules should I take?

We don’t recommend taking more than 1 capsule in any 24-hour period due to potency.