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Heart Of A Champion 

A fan in need... This email from this particular fan was different. Chris asked us to forward his letter to one of our athletes, Evan “Ox” Centopani.  

When Your Dreams Hang in the Balance, Pt. 1 

There is nothing, only the pain absent a wound. 

On The Mend 

I was at a low point and did not know why I was still competing as a bodybuilder after my last few placings.  

I'm Ready 

I want it bad. And when I look back to anything else in life I ever wanted this bad, I always ended up getting it. This will be no different. 

Shedding Skin 

My skin looks like the skin you see on the hand of a 90 year old. Thin, scaly, transparent; it almost looks like a piece of backlit fabric. 



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